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Tarot cards, are a categorization of stories which determines the questions asked of a character at a campfire. There are 16 Tarot cards, each symbolizing a certain feeling or topic that is related to the stories in each. These cards determine the response of the characters when they are told.

The following are the cards, their images, their meaning, and the character they signify:

Sorted in a clockwise order of the dialogue dial, starting from 12:00
Card Name Image Meaning Character
Three of Staives ThreeofStaves.png Travel Quinn
Justice Justice.png Choices Little Ben
The Fool TheFool.png Freedom Ray
The Devil TheDevil.png Bondage; Traps; Imprisonment Althea
The World TheWorld.png Heaven; Desires fulfilled; Wishes come true Fidelina
The Star TheStar.png Faith; Trust Jimmy
Wheel of Fortune WheelofFortune.png Fortune; Luck; Fate Dupree
The Tower TheTower.png Death; Changes; Endings; Moving on Mason
Nine of Swords Nine of Swords.png Sadness Franklin
Two of Coins TwoofCoins.png Joy Rocio
The Empress TheEmpress.png Nature; Country; Home Dehaaya
The Lovers TheLovers.png Love Cassady
Queen of Cups QueenofCups.png Family Bertha
High Priestess HighPriestess.png The Future Rose
The Sun TheSun.png The Past; Memories August
The Emperor TheEmperor.png Authority Shaw