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Shaw, The Sharecropper, is a Campfire Companion for the Traveler.

Shaw frequently asks for thrilling, scary, and sad stories and is first encounterable outside of Birmingham, AL. His story is written by Gita Jackson, and he is voiced by Dave Fennoy.


He talks about his life sharecropping and traveling around the Southeast area of the US after leaving Chicago. At some point he was in a sharecroppers union. He has also been to prison.

Interactions with the Player[]

Shaw can originally be found outside of Birmingham, AL, and travels around in the [TBA]. He mainly asks for thrilling, sad, and scary stories from the Traveler. Upon reaching Chapter 3 with him, he gives you a white heron tail feather that teleports you back to Birmingham.

True Form[]

His true form is a heron with four wings surrounded by floating tarot cards.