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Maybe 'Merica was never meant to be held in yer hand like this.

Quinn, The Hobo Kid, is a Campfire Companion for the Traveler. They are a young kid riding the rails to see all 48 states.

Quinn frequently asks for thrilling, scary, or funny stories and is first encounterable outside of Boston, MA or when trainhopping for the first time, depending on what the player does first. Their story is written by Claris Cyarron & Silverstring Media, and they are voiced by Melissa Hutchinson.


Quinn was thrown out by their parents after their farm failed and the family ran out of money.

Interactions with the Player[]

Quinn can originally be found outside of Boston, MA, and travels around in the Northeast. They mainly ask for funny, thrilling, and scary stories from the Traveler. Upon reaching Chapter 3 with them, they give you a threadbare bandana that teleports you back to Boston.

True Form[]

Horrifying hobo coat held closed by many hands as two snarling dogs poke out of the bottom.