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There are a variety of characters in the game. There is not yet information on the personalities or functionalities of these characters.

The player shares the campfire for 3-4 chapters with the characters, telling them stories for them. Once awakened, the chapter is completed and the next chapter starts when the player meets the characters again. Each character can only be told each story only once, regardless of progression, making it possible for the player to not fully progress all the stories in one playthrough.

Characters and their writers[]

The known characters and their respective character writer(s). A comprehensive table respective to this image follows.

Character Writer(s)
Top row
Cassady Matthew S. Burns
Fidelina Mari Landgrebe
Ray Jolie Menzel
Bertha Emily Short
August Anne Toole
Middle row
Dehaaya Demian Diné Yazhi'
Rose Johnnemann Nordhagen
Little Ben Leigh Alexander
Quinn Claris Cyarron & Silversting Media
Dupree Cara Ellison
Bottom row
Jimmy Austin Walker
Franklin Jordan Minor
Mason Sydney Meeker
Shaw & Althea Gita Jackson
Rocio Stuart Arias
Additional Characters
Dire Wolf
The Traveler

True Form[]

Upon starting the final chapter for the character, the character will reveal their true form.


Upon completing the pentultimate chapter for the character, the character will give the player an item that would teleport them near where they first met.