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A type of story that is considered to have a sad or woeful tone. They often recount tales about injustice, loss, cruelty, or loneliness. Things left behind, people who have been forgotten, places that were beautiful once and now are left to fester.

List of Tragic stories[]

List of stories that currently do not have a page

  • Old janitor in the abandoned school
  • The tree with bottles on its branches
  • The anonymous grave
  • The street lost in Washington
  • The boy and his dog
  • The white deer
  • Couple parted by unemployment
  • Soldier who came home to find his girl getting married
  • Man on the beach in Miami despairing about the future
  • Dead boy in the gain silo
  • The soldier who came home to his fiancee getting married
  • Killers on the streets
  • Stuck truck driver (Liang)
  • Woman with the buckets of poison
  • Soldier wearing uniform of his dead brother
  • Farmer whose land was choked with dust
  • Dead soldier at the Alamo
  • Woman who had forgotten her family
  • Cat and the dead horse
  • Conflicted WPA worker
  • Feuding architects in Santa Fe
  • Scab with the black eye
  • Hungry couple who got fed from the warehouse
  • Dead man by the abandoned railway
  • Small corpse on a coal train
  • Gun-shot man left to die on the streets of St Louis
  • Boy who died in the fields, where no one can collect his body
  • Lonely man with the saxophone
  • Singer fading into obscurity
  • Mindless laundress who couldn't stop working
  • Children whose father died in the car
  • Man who lost an engagement ring
  • Nervous man at the bus stop
  • Dead passenger outside the stalled train
  • Story of the rotten orchard
  • Prisoner John Henry, who died working at the railroad